I hope that you like apps created by me.Here’s the First One!

Halloween – Scare Me! icon

Only for $ .99

Tired of boring alarm tones? Want to have fun at Halloween Party or just to make fun of someone?

“Halloween – Scare Me!” App is here! This Halloween, shock everybody with the most terrible sounds of the century! Make fun of everyone! All you need is “Halloween – Scare Me!” and your friends / sisters / mom / roommates you what to make fun of!.

After you open “Halloween – Scare Me!” it is ready to be used for rapid scaring. If you want you change the time to scary at, Scary Sound and the message the person will see, if you want, on the iDevice.

Mood “Halloween – Scare Me!” on one of the worst sounds and place the iDevice next to person you want to scary. At the time you want – the cries of horror will fill all of the house:)  Wild screams of your friends will bring you incomparable joy, this Halloween 🙂

Your iDevice becomes a window into the hell!

Where will be heard the most awful noises of the Evil.

“Halloween – Scare Me!” contains 13 (yes yes, thirteen) horror and fun tunes like Real Exorcism, Torture Room, Hell laugh and even Big Wet Fart right from Hell :).

This Halloween will be unforgettable!

Get “Halloween – Scare Me!” now! Halloween is coming!


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Only $ .99!!